Why its time for public involvement in ‘Aid Reform’

The last couple of years have been indelibly marked by uncompromising civic calls for social, political and environmental justice. In 2019 millions took to the streets in 185 countries worldwide to participate in what would be the largest climate protests ever

A Great British Illusion

“I know my class. And I wouldn’t want to go above it.” He explained, yet added (the largely disproven): “at least in this country it’s possible to move above your class and advance yourself.”

My Dad was born in the East End of London, he left…

Why does the sound of ‘accountability’ ring so flat when it is uttered in Aid circles? Why is it often considered to be yet another meaningless buzzword? What happened to the sense of justice the word alludes to? Who sanitized its purpose?

It is a brazen and an open fact…

Another aid word that has seen its day.

Field: (noun) An area of open land, especially one planted with crops or pasture, typically bounded by hedges or fences.

It is not a controversial assertion that language matters.

In a few short illuminating weeks many people, and I include myself, managed to grasp the importance of capitalising B in Black — so why then despite it being the subject of discussion for some years does the term ‘field’ still…

Do you need TV and carpet to be cosy or is it something more?

Home is not quite cosy. Something is off.

Perhaps this is an itch partially inherited from our time in the land of Hygge. The Danish version of cosy is well hyped and not completely without reason…

Race and identity when there is more than meets the eye

I am ‘white passing.’

I noticed the term used recently on social media and I admit I had to google it. I have lived all my life devoid of a label that represents my experience as a white skinned person born of a brown mother and a white father. …

Local Outreach (Barcelona)

For the first time in our lifetimes, we have experienced a collective crisis that affects every country and every person on the planet — albeit to varying degrees. Life, as it was known, ground to a halt and despite its recent resumption we are yet to fully comprehend the trajectory…

My children, Savi (4) and Eloy (1), along with eight million across Spain, have been confined to their home since the 14th of March as part of what is considered to be ‘Europe’s strictest lockdown.’ Sunday was their first trip out in six long weeks.

For me, as a relative…

Views from our neighbourhood in bright, bustling, not so communally minded, Barcelona.

The following is a piece I wrote in the pre-corona days - a mere couple of months (lifetime) ago. The days when I could take myself off to a cafe for the luxury of thinking / writing / figure my life out /me time. After procrastinating on it for weeks…

Reflections on the decision making for open reviews.

For the past month re:viewed has been working with Koosh in Athens to recruit and train facilitators and reach out to organisations in the lead up to this weeks pilot project. Facilitators are currently collecting feedback from refugees about aid services, both…

Tina Mason

Observing, writing, creating, raising humans.

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